A fugitive childhood to mafia playboy to ministry: a story of God’s grace.

cover glorySeven-year-old Bobo was enjoying a normal happy childhood, until the day when the police arrived. The FBI’s search for an escaped convict, a former member of John Dillinger’s gang, brought them to Bobo’s house. When his father fled out a bedroom window, his childhood was inexorably changed.

Bobo learned to lie and steal from his father. In the Italian neighborhoods of Chicago, he viewed two groups as the most powerful–the mafia bosses and the parish priests. He initially wanted to be a mafia chief, but later believed the priests were as admired, and in some ways more powerful.

He entered a Franciscan boarding school. Within weeks of his arrival, Bobo’s father was rearrested and again escaped. Bobo lost contact with his family for over a year.

After graduation from college, he discovered he had a knack for business. Bobo’s willingness to do anything to make money helped him quickly become successful. A mafia friend, who partnered with Bobo in some earlier schemes, introduced him to Johnny Ciccone. Johnny was the son of the boss of the Chicago mafia, and his father’s Consigliere and underboss. They became close friends as Bobo became a Senior Associate for the mob.

That little boy was me. This is my story.

~ J. Alden Hall

How did James Alden Hall find his way from the lap of the godfather to the loving arms of God the Father? Read CONNECTED and get the whole story.